LinCastor Browser

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If you work with multiple browsers or do a lot of quick look ups on the web, then LinCastor Browser is just for you.

The LinCastor Browser mainly does two things: asks you what browser you want to use when you click on a link and allow you to look up selected text in specific browser or built-in web panel.

Gives you ability to choose

When you click on web link, LinCastor Browser asks you to choose browser to load the link with. Menu can contain a browser, an application or custom plugin.

Opens website in specific browser

Google docs works the best in the Chrome or you may need to load a legacy web site in old Internet Explorer while using Safari for all the rest. LinCastor Browser rules make it easy to associate a link matching certain criteria to the right browser.

Great reference lookup tool

Select a text and pass it to a browser or built-in web panel to view the result. Many websites use special URL pattern to execute searches, LinCastor Browser can use and manipulate this pattern to get the website to do the right search. This way you can translate text using Google translate, do conversions in Wolfram Alpha or search online documentation for javascript.

Build-in web view

LinCastor Browser comes with its own mini web browser. This is very useful for keeping quick lookup (what’s the weather today) separate from your main browsing session.

Works with files and custom URL schemas

Many applications use custom URLs or x-callbacks to pass information back and forth. LinCastor Browser can understand those as well, with help from LinCastor or registration helper app. This comes very handy if you want to intercept mailto, gropen or phpstorm links and handle them in special way and it will handle files (based on an extension), the same way it does links.

Customisable and extensible

LinCastor Browser’s actions can be AppleScript, Automator Workflows or simple shell scripts. The app itself is fully AppleScript scriptable, including an ability to control its web view and comes with a few sample plugins to get you started. In addition, LinCastor Browser undestands lc:// callbacks which you can use to create custom bookmarkets.

Handoff and share service support for any browser

Neither Google Chrome nor Firefox support OS X share services natively. LinCastor Browser allows you to perform the ‘share service action’ on any link. It is also “handoff” compatible so that any link you open in LinCastor Browser can be picked up by your iOS device.